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Gambling Astrology: The Unconscious Psychology of Poker

Anyone that plays poker regularly has butted heads with the mystery of its cyclical nature. The rational mind justifies a short term experience as standard deviation from normal expectation, but the spiritual nature of all of us cannot help but feel that there is something deeper at work that laughs in the face of mathematics and logic.

A poker player that plays regularly for profit, especially the professional, seeks to make their game as complete as possible. What is meant by a complete game? First, mastering and balancing a great number of skills. Second, analyzing the information derived from a great number of variables that create the overall poker situation. A small sample of these variables include the cards one holds, position, stack size relativity, opponent profiling, opponents knowledge of you, the profile and position of who has acted in the hand, the act of each subsequent player and how their knowledge of previous players who have acted filter their potential range of holding. The situation in each poker hand is incredibly complex. However, there is a hidden world containing a vast ocean of variables that are rarely, if ever, considered by the player. This world is the unconscious mind. Before breaking open into how the unconscious mind dictates the true poker situation, it is important to give some examples from everyday life. The following are case studies from my own client base:

1) A client broke her arm in an accident involving her bicycle and a car in traffic. This was the second time the client had broken the same arm in the exact same way. Comparing the two times, the cyclical components in nature that triggered her unconscious complex was found, and this was rooted in a date in time when she was 9 years old. She revealed that her parents worked all the time and gave her no attention. She had a great deal of anxiety about feeling loved. On the date I asked her about when she was 9, she was climbing a tree in her yard and feel and broke her arm. Her parents dropped what they were doing and made her a priority....only until she got well.

2) A client fell in love with a woman that had a passion for music, bringing out an untapped talent in him that led to their eventually performing together. The timing of the two meeting was a return of a natural cycle which triggered a previously conditioned emotional need. Because these cycles can be measured mathematically, it is easy for the trained practitioner to chart back to the moment in time of the original conditioning. Upon asking my client about the dates in time I came to, he responded that he was a very young child, and as it turned out had an older sister who played a musical instrument in her school band and was the pride and joy of her parents. Wanting approval himself, he received it the most from his sister, who taught him how to play and expressed the talent she saw in him. The client later met this woman, named Amy, at a time when the unconscious emotional need was seeking the validation given by the sister that was an important part of the development of his self-esteem. He was amazed that this connection was made, and even more so that his sister's name was Amy as well

3) A female client had 3 relationships in a row that began seemingly as true love, and all ended painfully. Ironically all 3 of these men were born between September 3rd and 8th. Mathematically this requires a method of relativity between cycles. Given that the known variable are common birth dates which yield a common position on the cycle of the Year, a principle of cyclical relativity was used to find the timing of the unconscious root. A period of time was derived at in which the client was 10 years and 10 months old. That month, her father walked out on her family. The father's moon position at birth was in the same ecliptical position we find the Sun between September 3rd and 8th.

4) I will give a final example to demonstrate future predictability. A very skeptical client had a childhood history of serious abuse, but none more serious than an occurrence when he was 8 years old. Among the parting advice, I gave him a date that was 9 months in the future that was important for him. On that date, the experience he had when he was 8 would be triggered again by natural cycles, and a great deal of the repression could come flooding into the consciousness. He wrote it off completely, but on that very date police were called to his home as he committed a similar act on his roommate's 8 year old child. He spent time in prison soon after.

For poker players, the difficulty in gaining acceptance of this material is that players do not want to believe that there are periods in which they have little to no control over the outcome. Truthfully, it is the unconscious that gains primary control. From what you learned from the case study examples given, it may be easier to relax the ego and yield to the variables that unconscious psychology will bring to the table. It can be quite frightening to explore the depths of the unconscious, as it can drag you through cycles of experiences with the ego kicking, screaming and looking for escape. Truthfully there is no escape, and the cycles will continue to repeat themselves until the deeper causes are learned and integrated. When my client learned that there was a connection to the men she was drawing and her feelings surrounding her father, she was able to work on forgiveness and to bring healing to her relationships. While your ego may believe that the motivation behind your poker play today is the same as it is everyday, to rip the game apart and win as much money as possible, unconscious memory may be triggered which bring a number of unconscious motivations into play. The following provides some simple examples:

1) Your poker skill set was passed onto you by a father, who wanted the best for you and always saw your ability to be great. However, you have gifts deep inside of you that your mother encouraged that would require temporarily giving poker far less of your time. This battle between the mother and father has been going on inside of you since you were a child. Today, your connection with your mother as well as those other gifts are triggered unconsciously as dictated by inner and outer cycles. You begin a losing streak that makes your father question your ability to carry on his legacy, but this only forces you to build your own

2) Your parents seemed to relate more to the physically dominant traits of your siblings, and your siblings certainly rubbed that in growing up. While they played sports and gained notoriety, you were a compassionate, feeling oriented child. Today you found the game of poker on the cyclical return of a time when your awareness of your siblings emotional state enabled you to gain an upper hand in situations that athletic skills couldn't touch. Your opponents at the table try to bully you. They are your virtual siblings. Your ability to feel a situation and read your opponents puts you on the road to great heights in a sport that favors these traits. Your parents finally get to watch you shine

3) You wake up one morning ready to make the drive to the casinos. For some reason though, you feel completely drained and the idea of doing some home projects sounds more appealing. However, there is money to be made, and you press on. You run as unlucky as you've run in years, and the problem is that you continue to wake up with the same feeling. After experiencing a few consecutive losing days, you are forced to reassess things and take a few days off. You see a commercial for a new casino that for some reason instills some excitement in you. The new environment, colors, layout of the poker room, etc all seem to trigger a strengthening feeling when at the same time the thought of your own favorite card room makes you sick. Playing at the new card room, you are back to your winning ways. In charting back to your root unconscious influence, I discover that under a previous cycle you were with a lover with whom you lost your comfort sexually. You met a new lover that rekindled that spark, and you remembered once again what it was like to be so in tune with another person's body. This experience has its reflection in the balance between the masculine and feminine within, and with your attunement with your own intuitive awareness.

Doyle Brunson was onto something when he mentioned ESP in his book SuperSystem. All of us experience periods of time when we have more of this than at other. Some people of course have greater abilities in this area than others. We all have days where we see the cards we are about to get dealt before they are dealt to us, and we know given the feeling in our body we are about to win a huge pot with them. I am here to tell you that through an analysis of your astrological birth chart and some one on one counseling, I can tell you WHEN you are most likely to be attuned to these frequencies. I can tell you WHY you are moving through a two month losing streak, or why you are tearing up the tournament circuit this year.
Your question as a logical thinker is this: If each session is an independent trial with positive EV given proper game selection and sound decision making, then how do the streaks follow such a cyclical pattern? Can it really be that the assimilation of certain unconscious content really affects luck?

My study is founded on the truth that the system of the human being is interconnected with all of life, nature, as well as with the cosmos. In order to understand our cycles of emotional needs, intuitive perception, ESP, mental focus and concentration, self-worth and conviction of belief structure, we must not only expand our self-awareness, but our very definition of the Self. Let us use for example the client that needed to feel once again the validation given from the sister. This 'unconscious memory' can be seen in the same light as a plant that begins to flower at a detectable day/night differential which equates to an exact time of year. If an elder plant told a first year plant that it would undergo this intense physical change on June 18th, the younger plant may project a psychic awareness onto the elder. When a true astrological counselor gives a client a date in future time when psychological or physiological changes can be expected, s/he is measuring a repetitive cycle that moves within each of us as well as outside of all of us. The late depth psychologist Carl G. Jung coined the term 'Synchronicity' that refers to this acausal connection between psychic and physical phenomenon. All planetary and lunar cycles have a detectable resonance that we are unconsciously attuned to, and these cycles are in 'sync' with inner cycles which trigger unconscious memory, needs, beliefs, and psychic phenomenon. I like to think of all the natural cycles as a part of our greater body. Yes, there is a 'magic' generated by the unconscious needs and reality that you project. In terms of luck, I will add that the unconscious needs will dictate the situations that you are drawn into. For example, if you are wrestling with a belief that people cannot be trusted, you are more likely to be drawn into a relationship with a con artist. If you are wrestling with feelings of unworthiness, you may be drawn to play at a blackjack table with a dealer that on a better day your body would get a feeling that this would not be best for you.

I have spent the last 13 years as a professional poker player and astrological counselor. A combination of astrology and one on one counseling allows me to determine the dynamics that will determine your likely experiences at particular moments in your life. I can bring deeper self awareness to you, and give you greater control over forces that at times have had an adverse effect on your poker game and caused a seemingly magical shift in your luck. I am reaching out to regular poker players through this blog, and I invite you to try out my service free of charge. I would like to offer you a free consultation and complete astrological birthchart complete with several important peak times for unconscious assimilation of personal dynamics for you. In return, you will be providing me with more case study material to revolutionize our understanding of unconscious psychology and the science of luck!

As with any counselor, all consultations are completely confidential. Only with permission from clients do I ever publish any findings such as the examples above, and always in an anonymous manner.

Thank you for visiting my new blog entitled 'The Complete Game'. From here on out, we will be exploring in detail topics that will help you to further understand the connection between unconscious psychology and personal experience. I would like to hear from any and all of you, especially professional poker players who keep journals and have personally wrestled with the cyclical phenomenon I have described. Even if you do not take advantage of my offer, I would love to hear your personal experiences that have been powerful and shaped you as a player and as a person.

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